5 tips for courting buyers traveling for Chinese New Year

How to make a great first impression and serve clients upon their U.S. arrival
  • More than 6 million Chinese will travel overseas during Chinese New Year holiday.
  • Many Chinese visitors will be shopping for a house in the U.S.
  • Connect with these Chinese buyers before they arrive.

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Chinese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in China. The Chinese follow the Lunar calendar year, which different cycle from the typical Western calendar. This year, Chinese New Year will start on January 27. This holiday is so special in China that the government is providing a seven-day holiday (Jan. 27 through Feb. 2). This holiday period is also considered to be a time when most wealthy Chinese will travel internationally. Last year, a whopping 6 million Chinese traveled overseas and, according to ForwardKeys, international travel will likely increase almost 10 percent during this holiday. The U.S. is a favorite destination and as such, real estate agents should be ready for this peak season. Hundreds of Chinese who have been sending inquiries through our platform at East-West Property over the last few months are now getting serious with Chinese New Year approaching. Many of them are taking a full two weeks off, sufficient time to make the long trip to the U.S...