No office, 100% commission: How an 18-state virtual brokerage makes money

  • Fathom Realty is a 100-percent commission brokerage that gives staff equity ownership.
  • Founder Josh Harley says the 100-percent commission brokerage is the model of the future.
  • When choosing such a brokerage, Harley says to make sure it has a good reputation and accounting practices.
  • When researching such brokerages, find out what other fees the company will add for services.
  • With the money saved from being in a 100-percent commission brokerage, agents should invest in their personal sphere with time and money.

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Fathom Realty founder and CEO, Joshua Harley, doesn’t like to use the term “100-percent commission brokerage” to describe his fast-growing firm because these companies have reputations as simply “license warehouses,” he says.