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Clareity’s 2017 MLS satisfaction rankings: Would you choose your system again?

While the vast majority ranked their MLS system as 'good' or 'excellent', many vocalized a desire for an improved user interface

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Even as new real estate gadgets are constantly introduced into the market, the MLS remains agents' no. 1 technology tool. So when choosing whether to stay with a current system or make a change, how can MLS executives separate the best from the rest? Real estate consulting firm Clareity Consulting has offered one resource for the past 16 years: its annual MLS customer satisfaction survey. "The purpose of the study was to learn more about MLS customer satisfaction and key metrics that affect it, including system performance and uptime, technical support, vendor responsiveness, and communications," Clareity said in this year's report, released Monday. Clareity received survey responses from execs at 223 MLSs representing 1,044,947 subscribers. Who won out? And who inspired regrets? And the winners are... First, only the following MLS systems had enough responses to be included in the survey results: Black Knight (Paragon 5 and Paragon XL) CoreLogic (Matrix) dyna...