Caravanning to listings? Follow app keeps real estate agents and homebuyers together

  • Follow can help agents reduce stress when caravanning to listings with clients.

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Daydreaming, yellow lights and aggressive drivers can separate real estate agents from homebuyers as they caravan from one home to the next. Enter Follow. The new mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, makes it easy for the two to stick together or reconnect when separated. "One negative vibe can blow your sale," said Follow CEO Anthony Lucido. "What Follow does is it creates a stress-free environment." Agents can prompt clients to download the app through a text message and then send an invite for new user to "follow" them inside the app. Users can then track the agent's location on Google Maps and activate voice directions to stay linked up. The app will also guide a client along the shortest path to the agent if the two are separated. To prevent separation, the app will notify the follower if the leader changes course -- perhaps by pulling off a highway, for example. Follow stands apart from other tracking apps, such as F...