Real estate broker prints 200 ‘welcome’ signs featuring 26 languages

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When you drive into Albany in upstate New York, chances are you might spot a sign welcoming you in 26 languages to the neighborhood. That would be the brainchild of Alex Monticello and his local brokerage Monticello. The independent broker-owner has printed up 200 signs, a $2,000 project thus far. His aim was to make all the international residents and newcomers to the New York state capital feel welcome. How it came together Monticello used social media to get this marketing endeavor off the ground. About three weeks ago, he put a call-out on Facebook asking friends to check if he'd missed any languages. "Our goal is to provide a sign to anyone who wants one, available for pick up at our office for no charge," he wrote. Monticello did his research among local clients through social media before choosing the languages, which range from Bulgarian to Russian, Swahili to Farsi. He has a diverse background himself. His grandfather, who was Persian, could spe...