How a small, unknown company got 700-plus leads on Facebook and SMS

  • Facebook should become an integral part of lead generation campaigns.
  • Customers are preferring messaging apps to get in touch with businesses.
  • Let automation qualify leads, while you focus on closing them!

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

We didn’t have content, we didn’t have fancy landing pages and no one knew about us. Yet with a simple ad and a minimal advertising budget, we still managed to get hundreds of real estate leads through Facebook. This blog post shows you exactly how we did it. "The fact that most of the people in this room do not deploy at least $1,000 per month into a Facebook environment to drive their business, is border line laughable, and in reality, just down right stupid!" - Gary Vaynerchuk Facebook basics Before getting to the meat, here are some interesting Facebook statistics that you should know about: 1.86 billion monthly active users 49 percent of whom are mobile users (Scott Shapiro) Each month, 7 million to 8 million users indicate that they have moved (Scott Shapiro) In a talk at Inman Connect New York, Scott Shapiro, Client Partner at Facebook, mentioned that Facebook records around 7 million to 8 million monthly movers. He went on to discuss how Facebook user...