Special Report: The art of handling objections in real estate

Every client question is an opportunity to prove value
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  • Listen more than you talk, apply empathy, coach or lead the client, and reframe the objection to move forward.
  • Don't be defensive and overly scripted.
  • Pushback from your buyer or seller is an opportunity to educate.

“If you're not solving problems, you’re not selling real estate.” That’s according to one Massachusetts agent who made it clear that overcoming objections is “an all day, everyday activity.” Most will agree that objections come with the territory in real estate -- some agents may even dream restlessly to common refrains: “I'm not ready to sell.” “Why should I pay that commission?” "I was hoping to sell my house for more.” “We want to go FSBO.” And during the waking hours, agents may find themselves knocking down these statements like devilish pop-ups in an intense game of Whac-A-Mole. Objections are a part of any sales process, but the job of a real estate professional to advise, guide and work with clients over a long period of time on such a monumental transaction requires the highest level of communication finesse. The best in the business have learned to develop compelling and convincing rebuttals to objections to keep the sales ...