Special Report: How to master the listing presentation

Featuring 17-plus creative ideas to stand out and countless stories of agent success
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  • Listing presentation rule no. 1: Listen to what your seller has to say.
  • Being prepared to roll up your sleeves and help out can win a seller’s heart.

A successful North Carolina agent once had a client who, after a two-hour listing presentation, told him that he wanted to think about his decision. The agent said “OK” and went into the client’s living room, sat down and turned on the TV. When the client asked what he was doing, the agent responded: “I'm not leaving here without this listing signed because I know I'm the best agent for you. I'm giving you time to think about it before you sign.” It worked, the client signed, and the house sold in a couple of weeks. “It was way out of my comfort zone,” adds the agent, in case anybody thinks he was enjoying himself. Half of this agent's business is listings; he's doing up to 10 appointments a month and he wins more than 80 percent of them. This story, as told through Inman’s Special Report survey on listing presentation success, falls on the extreme side and is not one to be casually replicated if there’s a chance of any party feeling unsafe. But it c...