Taking a break from real estate? 4 tips for re-entering the business

Reconnect and let people know that you are back to work

Whether it’s a long vacation, a journey to find oneself or growing a family, real estate agents often take long breaks from the business. Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates shares his top four tips for getting back in the game. 

When you come back, it might feel like the machinery has ground to a halt. But don’t fear — I have four tips to help you get back into the industry:

  1. Go speak with all the agents you know, and ask them if you can sit their open houses: Open houses are still the best way to mingle with people
  2. Make sure your Facebook account is current: Post relevant content to update your account
  3. Post a live stream: People love it and gravitate toward it
  4. Reach out: Make direct contact with all the people in your database; I recommend direct messages because no one picks up the phone anymore