13 pointers to help you learn (and dominate) your area as a new agent

You can rock a new farm area quickly -- prepare to amaze
  • Get your mind right, get your time committed, hit it hard, and be super consistent with all sorts of authentic enthusiasm and hard work.

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So you’re just getting started in real estate and wondering how to gain traction in a particular area? Here are 13 pointers to help you do it faster, cheaper -- and come across as a pro. 1. Get into the right mindset   Believe that you are going to know more about X neighborhood than 95 percent of the Realtors out there. And that this is going to happen quickly. Get your swagger on before you even start. Own it, want it, breathe it -- if you don't believe it, no one else will believe you. 2. Move quickly  Don't buy into the concept that it takes a long time. It can take a long time, and that is the case for many agents. That's what many veterans will tell you, but I'm suggesting you ignore that noise. Learning a new area -- knowing it at a high level -- can actually happen relatively quickly, if you commit. If you really rock this out, you may catch some of the veterans on their heels, and you’ll cruise by them by capturing market share they thought was their...