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Will Spacio and Adwerx collaboration make the open house a must?

Recent integration of two technologies could empower the open house
  • Agent safety is a primary concern for those who don't hold open houses.
  • New partnership between Adwerx and Spacio could make open houses even more effective for agents who hold them.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Frank Miles is head of the Miles Real Estate Team at Keller Williams in Nashville, Tennessee. I asked him his take on open houses. "There's definitely value in open houses. From the sellers point of view, I think it creates a buzz around the neighborhood and it allows potential buyers -- even the ones without agents -- to see the home." I am intrigued by the industry's outlook on open houses in light of a recent integration announcement from paperless open house platform Spacio and digital advertising company Adwerx that promises to quickly augment the impact of an open house. Open house visitors who sign in to an event with their email address on Spacio are automatically added to the listing agent's database of contacts to be reached via Adwerx's retargeting technology. The integration is a really sharp combination of fundamental marketing strategy an...