Opportunity knocks for real estate agents to advise homebuilder clients

More builders might soon be looking to hire agents to get an edge over the competition
  • Builders and agents who come together provide a higher level of service for buyer clients who want an exceptional experience from build to buy.
  • The success of the New Home Advisor position at Inspire might prompt more builders to hire agents in an adviser capacity.

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Realty agent Whitney O’Reilly has a new role, and it’s one she thinks other licensees might want to consider. O’Reilly was recently named New Home Advisor at Inspired Homes, a production homebuilder in Jefferson County, Missouri, and the greater Kansas City area. In her new post, the 25-year-old agent will help match buyers to the Inspired property that best fits their needs. Her responsibilities include a mix of marketing, sales and relationship building, says Melanie Osterhaus, director of marketing and communications for Inspired, which builds about 140 houses a year. The company currently has four properties under construction, with prices averaging in the mid-$200,000 range. What does the New Home Advisor do? When a prospect reaches out to the builder -- whether through its website, social media or digital ads -- O’Reilly will follow up promptly, no matter the time or day. She will talk to each lead to learn their needs and desires, determine if they have a budget ...