10 universal sales truths: Learn them and succeed in any service industry

Positivity, persistence and resilience are key traits that all successful sales agents share
  • Without the right mindset, quick-response capabilities and good follow-up practices, you’ll have countless missed sales opportunities.

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Real estate agents who know and heed the 10 universal sales truths will excel in any service industry. Those who don’t, on the other hand, will have a hard time making even the easiest of sales. If your real estate sales numbers are down or you want to take respectable sales numbers to the next level, the following 10 universal sales truths will help you find success. 1. Positive mindsets win sales Prospects can sense your energy and mood, even if they’re just speaking with you on the phone. Before each contact with a prospect, you should position yourself to win the sale by cultivating a positive mindset. 2. Resilience is an essential trait for any sales agent As you know, it can be difficult to remain positive when you’re turned down time and again. Without resilience, sales agents will be miserable and unsuccessful. 3. You can’t sell to a prospect without knowing his or her motivations Don’t pitch your product or services to prospects blindly. Take the time to le...