3 next-level shifts that will power your real estate career

Remember, it starts with you and your goals
  • To take your career to the next level, you must position yourself to be able to choose your clientele, shift your mindset to one of growth and scale your business.

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You’ve been in the industry a while, and you have a consistent business. Maybe making $250,000 annually was your goal when you first started, but now it’s second nature to you. Now you wonder, “How can I take it to the next level?” Here are three crucial shifts real estate agents need to embrace to take their careers to the next level, no matter what that looks like for you. 1. Choose your clients Don’t work with anyone. Instead work with your ideal clients. When starting, agents are happy to just get a client, so they work with anyone. But as they become seasoned agents, they still tend to retain that bad habit. Don’t be that agent. Choose who you want to work with. How do you get your ideal clients? Getting premium clients by choosing who you’ll work with requires you to “position” yourself differently than how most agents position themselves to prospects. It requires a different mindset as well. Provide a preeminent experience. Jay Abraham...