Is your lead generation boring? 4 mistakes and how to avoid them

Make sure your efforts don’t get dry and your voice doesn’t get lost in the crowd
  • The keys to filling your lead pipeline are consistent follow-up, diversification, adding value and delegating.

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You might know real estate in your target area like the back of your hand, but we all know that means very little if you have zero homeseller or buyer prospects. Likewise, being boring in 2017 means you won't stand out from the crowd -- especially in the burgeoning real estate sales arena. That's a big mistake. If your lead pipeline seems to have dried up like a biscuit nuked in the microwave, "then let's add some butter, honey" (said in my southern girl twang). Below, you'll find the top four lead generation mistakes and how to avoid them. Mistake 1: Not thinking about follow-up first Catch-and-release fishing allows fish to be captured, unhooked and returned to the water. That is seen by some as good for conservation. On the other hand, catch-and-release lead generation is good for growing other agent's pockets. Catch-and-release lead generation is what I call spending time, energy, money or other resources capturing prospective clients, only to unhook them by not f...