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CRM solution LionDesk roars into real estate video marketing

Software now features in-app video email and texting, including video autoresponders and drip campaigns
  • Video in some form should be a part of every agent's marketing arsenal.
  • LionDesk video email and texting doesn't require use of a third-party product or integration.
  • Video content linked directly to your prospect database has an advantage over standalone video marketing efforts.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. LionDesk is a fully featured CRM system that is used more than 800 markets and 10 countries by several thousand real estate agents. For the last couple of months, the company has been beta testing video email and texting with its customers, a feature that typically requires the assistance of a third-party provider, like OneMob or BombBomb. LionDesk's video email is built directly into its Communications module and videos can be recorded directly from the compose window. They can be saved as templates and re-used. Text videos are smartly limited to 20 seconds; emailed videos can be up to two minutes. Any contact within a database can be sent a video message via text or email. Each video, and its resulting metrics, is permanently linked to a prospect's record. Both texts and emails can have "mail-merged" prospect information embedded in them and be ...