What one real estate team leader learned from her epic failure

Keep the grit, love the struggle and take care of yourself

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SAN FRANCISCO -- On Aug. 15, 2016, Seattle real estate team leader Vija Williams went to the office like any other day. Except on this day, she lost $10 million in business. This was the story of epic failure that Williams shared with the audience at Inman Connect. Vija Williams Almost a year ago, Williams's team had grown to 17 people and was starting to get attention. She was getting asked to speak at events and share the secrets of her success. As the team's growth became public and inspiring to others, the team started to implode. The Monday after Williams spoke at Inman Connect last year, the team took a heavy blow. Williams went to the office and sat down for a prescheduled meeting with her listing specialist, and within two minutes, the listing specialist tendered her resignation and slapped down cancellations of every single listing she had -- totaling $10 million. Two weeks later, one of Williams' top salespeople left for a competing team. Within four...