4 easy ways to scope out your real estate competition online

Perform a strong competitive analysis on your market
  • Find out which agents in your area are getting the most paid and organic web traffic, research who is getting the most out of social media and find out the most-searched keywords in your area.

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Do you know which real estate agents in your area are using paid advertising, who has thousands of Facebook fans, or who is getting the most organic traffic to their website? If you’re not sure, it’s time to get informed. The internet is a pretty crowded place. In some markets, it’s almost suffocating. Having a clear picture of your online competition will reveal opportunities for you to get noticed online. And researching your competition online is as simple as ever. Here are four easy ways to do it: 1. Google search We all know how to do a Google search, so this one should be pretty basic. Simply type the phrase "real estate (your town)," and see who appears in the top spots. The first few results will be ads, these are denoted by a small ad icon to the left of the text. These are agents who are using Google Adwords to pay for the top positions. Underneath the paid ads are the organic rankings. Many of these will be the big guns such as Trulia and as w...