12 terrible habits of top producers that lower the bar

  • Giving top producers praise for selling and ignoring their bad habits makes everyone’s jobs harder and lowers the bar for real estate.

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In real estate sales, how many homes we sell and how much money we make is the only measure of success. What many people don’t know is that it's possible to be a jerk and make money too. What we never discuss or write about are the real estate agents who make a lot of money but don’t always play nice or act professionally. I have run into some total jerks who are no. 1, and they sell houses like crazy all day long. Lowering everyone's expectations -- and reputations I keep lowering my expectations of the top agents who sometimes have habits that should not be imitated. I try not to feel disappointed when I encounter super mega agent who seems somewhat incompetent. We help top producing jerks out by ignoring their less desirable habits and qualities and praising them for their ability to earn a lot of money. Their actions can make all of our jobs harder and hurt our reputations as service professionals. Letting a new agent on the team work with homebuyers is pretty common...