5 steps for finding your perfect client through authentic lead generation

The value you provide in the years between transactions is how you create loyalty and increase referrals
  • What is that feel-good work for you? What difference do you desire to make for people? How can you add value even if it has nothing to do with real estate?

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When people just call you to work with them, that's a lead you love. When people call you to work with them because they have followed you and respect you for the value you’ve added to their life -- that’s as good as it gets. Marguerite Giguere With the advent of the internet, IDX and big teams with big websites that generate tons of internet leads, it's easy to think you have to play that game to succeed. But it’s not. “What I really want is for people to just call me and work with me. And people will tell you ‘that’s not how this works,’ but that’s totally how this works,” said Marguerite Giguere from Windermere Real Estate in Tacoma Washington. There are others out there in real estate who are succeeding by being genuine, adding real value and making real connections. There's a way to build your business that is in alignment with your values. There's a way to attract the right people -- the perfect people -- to your business and have a business yo...