9 signs it’s time to quit your real estate career

There's no shame in admitting you are having trouble
  • It is very hard to succeed In real estate if you don't learn to prospect and generate your own business.

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If you read Facebook posts from frustrated agents debating whether they should find another job, you'll often see a pile-on of positive advice: Keep going! Don't give up yet! Success will come if you just switch offices, try harder, or buy this new lead gen product! Sometimes it's good advice. And other times it's just smarter to move on to a different career path. Here's nine signs it's time to hand in that Realtor's lapel pin. 1. The pipeline is dry You haven't had a closing in ages, and you're draining your savings account. According to NAR statistics, the typical real estate agent closed 12 transactions in 2016. How do you compare to that? Are you closing at least one deal a month? Do you have a steady flow of buyer and/or seller clients to keep that pipeline flowing, or are you struggling to find clients? 2. Deals fall apart more often than they stay together We all hit slumps, but sometimes you are so down that it seems every deal you put together falls apart just...