4 tips for writing content prospects will gravitate toward

Build authority, credibility and communication that gets you clients
  • To write clear, engaging content that will resonate with your audience, you first have to define your audience, find your voice and tone and learn to communicate with the reader on his or her level.

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Blogging is all about communication that is authentic, interesting and, most of all, understandable. If your blog is all inside sports -- statistics, acronyms and trivial observations -- it’s not really doing anyone any good because it will go over most people's heads. A well-written real estate blog can not only attract people to your website through social sharing and smart keywords, but it can also keep them there longer and result in shares, likes and new friends, fans and clients. But how do you write a blog post that people understand and want to engage with? Below are four tips to help you create content your target audience will want to read. 1. Know your audience Many real estate agents and brokers are so afraid of turning a potential client off that they don’t narrow their focus and speak to a specific audience. They want to be all things to all people, but they end up saying nothing much to very few people. Having a really firm grasp of your ideal potent...