5 creative ways to craft an agent bio beyond the written word

Find a style that gets you noticed -- and gets you clients

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As a writer who specializes in real estate writing, a lot of what I write is meant for marketing. Blogs, website content and property descriptions are big, as well as incentives and promotional copy. But one of my favorite things to write is the bio for the real estate agents, brokers and business owners I work for. That’s because it gives me the opportunity to work with my client and find an interesting aspect of their personality or experience that I can latch onto to draw in clients into their business. The written bio itself can be done in a number of ways, including first person (the agent/broker speaking), third person (a narrator speaking) and Q&A (an interviewer and the agent/broker speaking, like in this fun convo with Realtor Claudine Ellis). But what if you don’t want a written bio for your website or social media? There are some fun options to think about that will allow you to use your creativity and really let your personality show. Here are five examples...