Real estate marketing 101: What (not) to do

Learn from these errors in judgment for better business

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In 2013, Jägermeister, the company responsible for the gut-rot alcohol of the same name, decided to host the be-all-end-all sexy pool party in Leon, Mexico. But despite the bikini-clad models and vats of booze, party promoters thought the event was still missing that special something. The X factor would be -- wait for it -- copious amounts of “sexy mist” coming off the water! So they dumped liquid nitrogen into the pool, and it created the desired dense fog. Everyone cheered. Minutes later, however, they soon realized that there was nothing sultry about this situation; the nitrogen displaced all the oxygen near the pool, and the participants all started to faint from asphyxiation. In total, eight young adults were hospitalized and one ended up in a coma for nearly three weeks. True story. Needless to say, this publicity stunt wasn't good for business. This may be an extreme example of a marketing fail. But real estate agents do things every day that -- though not ...