4 qualities to look for when hiring an inside sales agent

  • Great ISAs don’t need previous real estate experience, but they must have the right sales talents.

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If you’re growing by leaps and bounds and find yourself needing help to manage your sales funnel, it’s time to consider hiring an inside sales agent (ISA). When you think about hiring an ISA, make sure you’re hiring a professional salesperson. Don’t let real estate background trump sales experience. It’s crucial to hire someone whose natural talents and motivations are aligned with top performing sales people, rather than someone who knows the industry. It all comes down to the difference between knowledge and talent. Knowledge is acquirable. Something that is known can be learned. The specifics of real estate, rules, regulations, trends, specifics and even a license are all things that can be acquired. Talent, on the other hand, is not something you can acquire by reading a book or through experience; at least not the talents you need to succeed. Those natural traits and attributes a person possesses based on their unique personality and how their mind is wired a...