10 things you should never say to homebuyers

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Please sign on the dotted line here, here and here for your dream home. It's only requires a 30-ish year commitment, basically all of your savings, a guaranteed monthly bill, mowing your own lawn forever and making the largest purchase of your life. Don't sweat it! Such is the viewpoint of homebuyer -- and in particular, first-timers. They know that taking the homeownership plunge is a smart, worthy investment, but from search to close, they're feeling the stress. During these times, even the most innocuous statements made by real estate agents can be taken the wrong way. Avoid putting your foot in your mouth by never saying these 10 things. (Just, don't do it). 'The house is perfect for you.' The ultimate decision regarding whether a house is perfect for a buyer lies with a buyer. Real estate agents should avoid making such comments and pushing the idea that they've found "the one." This type of statement could potentially be viewed as a high-pressure sales tactic. Instead, ...