Don’t give up: 10 ways to convince reluctant buyers

  • Focus on nurturing the relationship and chasing down the "no" to overcome buyer objections.

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Calling buyer leads is a daunting task. People are often resistant to being on the phone and will say whatever it takes to hang up. And they definitely don't want to be sold to. As a real estate agent, if you focus on nurturing the lead rather than building a relationship, you'll lose the rapport -- and most likely the sale. Here are 10 common buyer objections real estate agents encounter on the phone and how you can overcome concerns by chasing the "no." I’m not going to give you any snappy comebacks or blabbered explanations to smear all over your lead. Instead I’m going to teach you a process to deconstruct buyers' objections and get them to decide that your solution is the answer. 'I don't need to get prequalified' The key is to uncover their thought process and let them realize prequalification is the way to go. Find out why they think they don’t need to get prequalified. By asking if they want to have the least difficulty in their transaction and want to pa...