The not-so-secret playbook of today’s top real estate team leaders

  • Team leaders aren't lead distributors. They must help agents build their career from the ground up.

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As a team leader who is constantly searching for ways to add value, I reached out to some of the best in the business to see how they contribute to their team's success every day. Turns out they're all basically working from the same playbook, whether they know it or not. Each leader brings something unique to his or her team, but most of what they do is in alignment. Provide more than just leads Vija Williams Buying leads is a common practice among team leaders, but it certainly isn't the only value they can (or should) contribute. “We develop from the ground up how to be amazing agents,” said Vija Williams of The Vija Group in Seattle, Washington, who a year ago had to rebuild her team from scratch after it imploded with 85 percent total turnover within eight months. After losing everything, she's now on track to do $80 million in sales this year and uses her experience to foster a fail-forward culture. "We hold their hands through their development. That’s way more...