As Northern California wildfires rage, ‘real estate must go on’

  • The real estate community of Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa, is bracing for the worst possible news of their homes and their livelihoods.
  • 73,000 acres have burned, at least 1,500 homes and buildings have been destroyed, and mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for over 20,000 homes.

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It has been quite a 24 hours for Santa Rosa agent Meaghan Creedon of Bradley Real Estate, as fire overtook her community of Fountaingrove early yesterday morning, Monday, Oct. 9, one of many areas in Northern California ravaged by devastating wildfires. Awoken by her children when their night lights weren't working -- which turned out to be power failure -- Creedon went outside to her balcony and saw fire all around. She and her family got out of their home in 15 minutes, grabbing Creedon's wedding photo album on the way out. Then they knocked on their neighbors' doors to wake them up, too. The police won't yet let her and her neighbors return for fear of still-burning fires and looters, so Creedon is uncertain if her home made it. She's preparing herself for the worst. Still, Creedom told Inman from her mother's home in Santa Rosa that, "real estate must go on." Creedon was just today writing up an offer letter for a client who wants a home in West Petaluma (20 miles awa...