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Rising sea levels could submerge 1.9M homes by 2100

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Zillow has tapped its rich database of properties to underscore the economic catastrophe in store if U.S. policymakers fail to address rising sea levels. As an effect of climate change, rising sea levels are already impacting coastal communities. The new Zillow report provides a window into a future in which unchecked global warming combines with local inaction to enable a six-foot rise by 2100. Overall, Zillow finds that 1.9 million homes would be literally under water, totaling $916 billion in residential property losses. The majority of homes at risk, or 65.4 percent, are located in suburban areas. Urban areas would account for 22.6 percent of the lost and rural areas make up the rest, at 12 percent. Rising sea levels and risk: the human factor The picture comes into sharper focus when the human toll is taken into account. According to Zillow, the top one-third tier of homes would account for an outsized proportion of the lost value, at $597 billion. As the report notes, thoug...