Help your clients avoid energy efficiency pitfalls
Nov 26
Help your clients avoid energy efficiency pitfalls
Nov 23
Interest in cross-laminated timber construction is on the rise, sparking competition along the building supply chain
Sep 14
A new study affirms that wildfire risks don't impact property values in fire-prone areas over the long run
Sep 4
New site answers questions, provides data in real time
Aug 21
Aric Ohana and Ori Sagie launched the company to bring car-sharing amenity to luxury and low-income housing alike
Aug 9
The Actuaries Climate Index factors in variables that scientists have long predicted contribute to global warming
Aug 3
Home energy efficiency is more complicated in hot climates, so stick to the basics for best results.
Jul 30
The usual rules apply when buying rural property
Jul 23
Hire an expert, do it yourself, or simply switch up your habits
Jul 18
In a region experiencing climate impacts like sea level rise, people will pay more to be higher, the Harvard study found
Jul 6
Maracay is selling brokers, agents, and homebuyers on the benefits of the LEED green building standard
Dec 29
The space agency is offering $2 million to anyone who can successfully 3-D print a habitat using only dirt and recyclables
Nov 18
Zillow report addresses the risks of unchecked climate change on real estate
Oct 20
Unprecedented flooding calls for unprecedented measures
Oct 18
Rising temperatures have a ripple effect that intensifies other factors contributing to the Northern California fires
Oct 17
The partnership with Sun Number and Wave Solar adds another 44 million homes to the list
Oct 16
The new American dream: 3 beds, 2 baths and an electric vehicle charging station
Oct 4
NYC’s new mandate aims to inspire homeowners to help the environment (and their pocketbook)
Sep 25