Should you use emojis when communicating with clients?

Unprofessional or engaging? Agents and consumers weigh in
  • There’s no one answer across the board, so it comes down to your comfort level and the client’s.

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Should you use emojis? What did your gut tell you when you first read the question? My immediate response was, “it depends.” Even now, my stance hasn’t changed, as any action you take should ultimately focus on your particular target. The same way that you don’t take your first-time homebuyer with a pre-approval of $400,000 to see a $1.5 million home, you may not use emojis to communicate with a client who would never do the same. As always, you have to ensure the process makes sense for your client. What agents said In an informal poll I conducted, via Facebook, text and conversation with agents across the country and in Canada, 60 percent of real estate agents said emojis were unprofessional, while 40 percent said they use emojis and find them to be engaging. Gloria Singer, managing broker of Boca Expert Realty, likes to keep her client interactions extremely professional. Therefore, she refrains from using emojis in her text messages with clients. Singer said...