Broker Public Portal gaining steam since Homesnap deal

Portal added 75 MLS partnerships in 2017, plans to scale larger 'to provide more collaborative features for agents and consumers'

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Since its inception in 2015, the Broker Public Portal (BPP) has received its fair share of criticism from those who wondered if the broker/multiple listing service-led venture would have the chutzpah and the technology to truly challenge consumer-facing home search giants like Zillow and Now, a year after solidifying a 50-50 ownership deal with real estate technology firm Homesnap, Inc. to create National Broker Portal LLC, BPP hopes that posting 150 percent year-over-year growth -- which represents a jump from a user base of 45 MLSs to more than 120 MLSs comprising 800,000 agents and brokers -- will prove doubters wrong. “In just 12 months since the Broker Public Portal went live with Homesnap, our growth blows the doors off even the most optimistic estimates,” said BPP vice chairman John Mosey, who also heads up NorthstarMLS, in a press release. “This should quiet the naysayers who wrongly believed that a well-designed industry-led effort couldn’t succeed....