What happened to true customer service?

It’s all about the client experience — be respectful
  • Customer service is in the eye of the customer. Let's put the service back into "customer service" by listening and actually having empathy for our clients and their problems.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

I have lot of experience being a dissatisfied customer. Most recently, the bank made a mistake, and an extra $9,700 was removed from my account late one Friday night. The bank has admitted that something happened and has acknowledged that the same check was presented twice for payment and paid. There is some money I could put into the account so that I can pay the rest of the month's bills, but I am afraid to because clearly there's a possibility it might disappear. It also seems silly to put more in when so much has been lost; after 10 days the money is still missing. No satisfaction Hundreds or maybe thousands of others have experienced missing money from the same bank. Yet, when we called the voicemail just kept saying that there was an unusual volume of calls and to wait. The bank could have put some kind of a message on its website, but it did not. Instead, I learned about it while looking at Twitter. There hasn’t been much news coverage because, as usual, the news...