6 hidden Instagram hacks for real estate pros

Master this image-centric social platform

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Visually driven social media platform Instagram has numerous commonly known features, but there are also many that aren’t as well-known -- even to the app’s power users. Some of them are especially useful to real estate agents who want to save time and make their pictures have maximum impact. Reorder filters, and find frequent choices faster Instagram offers a huge assortment of filters that help users enhance their photos. Some of them brighten or darken certain sections of pictures or make colors more prominent, and those changes could all make homes look more flattering or draw attention to areas of property images. Instagram handily offers ways to reorder filters and make the most-used picks easier to find. Just click and hold on one until it gets dim, then drag it to a different position. There’s also a "Manage" tool at the far right of the filter list. It reorders filters all at once in a secondary window. Hide filters to stop swiping through useless ones Inst...