Trelora launches in Seattle, irks residents with marketing stunt

Flat-fee brokerage put up cutout green pigs to pique interest in its second city, doesn't mind ruffling feathers

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Flat-fee real estate startup Trelora expanded from Denver to Seattle — and angered some Seattle residents with a marketing stunt in its new city. Trelora put up cutouts of green pigs around the city, hoping curiosity would lead locals to try to find out why the pigs were there and what they represented. But in a city sensitive to issues around affordable housing, the move from a real estate startup didn't go over very well, the Seattle Times reported. Residents complained about the disruption, the eyesore and the message. “You should know that you have read our region wrong. This is not the sort of thing we respond well towards,” one resident cited by the Seattle Times wrote on Reddit. “We take our parks very seriously and are so proud of them, that to see them used for free advertising is insulting.” "We've done the pigs in Denver — we did monkeys and elephants — and what we've learned more than anything in doing guerrilla campaigns is not everyone loves...