Deedcoin goes live with cryptocurrency token sale

The company hopes to drastically reduce clients' commissions by letting them pay their real estate agents in part with tokens

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 17-20, 2018

The real estate cryptocurrency startup Deedcoin has gone live with its public token sale, the company told supporters via email Monday. The public launch follows a private sale in January and several delays (Deedcoin said it was originally scheduled to launch around Thanksgiving 2017). Deedcoin plans to disrupt real estate commissions by letting buyers and sellers pay agents partly with its own cryptocurrency tokens, which are based on the ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, a rival to bitcoin, is a popular cryptocurrency and ledger system for keeping track of transactions, which many startups, including Deedcoin, have adapted to create their own custom tokens. Customers can buy tokens from Deedcoin at a cost of $1.50 per unit, and then give those tokens to participating real estate agents, who agree to accept them instead of paying a larger traditional real estate commission in U.S. dollars. The USD commission doesn't disappear entirely; instead agents agree to accept a traditional c...