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Tech Connect NY 18: How I help my clients buy with bitcoin

Christie's International Realtor Piper Moretti: 'The day before we closed, the seller's agent was still asking me if we were trying to scam them'

Christie’s International Realtor Piper Moretti shared her experience getting started with bitcoin real estate transactions onstage at Inman Connect New York. “The whole bitcoin thing just kind of fell into my lap,” Moretti said. Moretti switched over to Los Angeles real estate from the entertainment industry about three years ago and soon found herself with a buyer who wanted to pay all-cash -- but in bitcoin. “Do your due diligence,” she told the audience. “Educate yourself. Get some skin in the game. I don’t care if it’s $100 — log on, get onto the exchange and get a little bit just so you’re invested.” Watch the full video to learn more, and check more sessions from ICNY 18 here. Email Inman...