What’s the no. 1 thing you’d change about the real estate industry?

If the magic wand was in the real estate community's hands, here's what they'd do

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Inman is exploring what the future of real estate leadership should look like through a series of articles, Q&As with industry pros, and an upcoming five-part series called Leadership Week. Please send your feedback to leadership@inman.com. If you’re a leader who wants to join us for our exclusive Disconnect in The Desert event on March 26-28, or want to recommend a colleague, send a note to brad@inman.com explaining why. If the real estate community had a magic wand that could change one thing about the real estate industry, improving industry leadership would be at the top of the wish list for many, as would raising the barriers to entry to becoming an agent in the field, increased transparency, and better benefit offerings from brokerages, according to a conversation that unfolded on the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group. As Michelle Poccia, associate broker at Keller Williams Capital District put it: "(It is) an industry so full of titles, yet so (de)void of the ki...