Keller Williams sheds ‘traditional broker’ shell for new data-driven model

CEO says focus on agent count, sales volume and units is 'not the game that we’re playing anymore'

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Keller Williams President and CEO John Davis struck a triumphant tone this morning -- complete with pyrotechnics -- as he touted the real estate franchisor's achievements and hinted at a change in the company culture when it comes to data sharing. To prosper in a changing industry, data sharing among the company's 173,000 agents "will be the focal point going forward," Davis told attendees at Keller Williams' Family Reunion event in Anaheim, California. "We are not going to play from somebody else’s playbook. We may have to expand the definition of culture. Specifically how and when we share with each other," he said. KW co-founder Gary Keller indicated yesterday that the company would be shifting away from off-the-shelf technology in which the data agents enter can be mined by third parties in favor of in-house technology the company can use to aggregate the data for the benefit of its agents. In that vein, KW is working on its own CRM system (first teased last year)...