This week we asked about barriers for women in real estate leadership. What stops women from taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and how can women take on greater roles in the industry?
by Inman Mar 16
This week, we asked for stories from your leadership journey. What leadership roles have you taken on, and what did they teach you?
by Inman Mar 2
Prepare now for the market to bounce back. Don’t turn off the marketing funnel, but rather, double down on hyperlocal marketing efforts
by Anthony Hitt Apr 13
Under today's pressures, leaders have to step up and guide the way. The leadership qualities that empower teams through the good times are the same ones that motivate them through the bad. Here's how to lead with T.R.U.S.T.
by Missy Yost Mar 23
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by Inman Apr 30

During our session, we spoke at length about disaster preparedness, stranded assets, rising home insurance rates, and the promise of new home technology — to each other. Out of the 150+ industry leaders who attended Disconnect, ours were the only two voices.

by Cynthia Adams Apr 20
Shouldn’t we all be doing this?
by Maria Dampman Apr 13
Let’s create a better industry experience for agents, teams, brands and consumers
by Chris Drayer Apr 11
5 tips from some of the greatest givers in the industry
by Christy Murdock Apr 10
Why this agent is taking on the challenge of adopting the principles
by Tracy Freeman Apr 6
The industry's commitment to come together, act decisively and enact change
by Inman Apr 2
Now more than ever we need new forms of leadership, a new generation of leaders and a new compact among them to bring the industry into a new age
by Inman Mar 22
Resistance to change and protectionist thinking will be the recipe for disintermediation
by Alex Perriello Mar 21
Bright MLS chief strategy officer David Charron shares his thoughts on real estate leadership
by Matthew Shadbolt Mar 14
@properties co-founder Mike Golden shares his thoughts on the current state of real estate leadership
by Matthew Shadbolt Mar 13
President of the sprawling independent brokerage finds that the best sales managers can relate to an agent's lifestyle and what it takes to succeed
by Gill South Mar 12