Inman Connect NY 18, Capital Connect NY 18

Capital Connect NY 18: Playing the disruption long game

Why the darlings of disruption are still in the early innings

Purplebricks, Knock and Opendoor are three disruptors that have a way of stirring things up in real estate. What do these companies have planned for agents and consumers? How do their business models work? What's in store for the future? Watch Purplebricks' Eric Eckardt, Knock's Sean Black and Opendoor's Dod Fraser take the stage at Inman Connect New York's Capital Connect, along with moderator and New York Post reporter Carleton English, to elaborate on these topics and more (including Black's prediction that Re/Max, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker will be significantly diminished in five years.) Watch more sessions from ICNY 18 here. Save My Seat for ICSF Now Email Inman...