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Capital Connect NY 18: What does Wall Street think of Zillow?

JMP Securities' Ron Josey and Zillow's RJ Jones discuss Wall Street and the future of real estate tech

"From a Wall Street perspective, we just care about ... growth and, ultimately, profitability," said Ron Josey of JMP Securities onstage at Inman Connect New York's Capital Connect. "And if you're doing it in a way that's sort of partnering with existing infrastructure but then also growing the overall pie, that's sort of the magic sauce, so to speak ..." According to Josey, Zillow's got that magic sauce down. Listen in to hear more from Josey, Zillow Group's RJ Jones and moderator Clelia Peters, about how Wall Street is sizing up Zillow, and what it has to say about the future of real estate tech. Watch more sessions from ICNY 18 here. Save My Seat for ICSF Now Email Inman...