How to stand out from the competition

Tom Ferry explains why it’s crucial to have a USP

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You’re in a competitive situation every day of your life. That’s the life you chose when you opted for a real estate career.

So competing against others 24/7 begs the question: What makes you different? Or, in business terms: What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

If you have never answered that question, I want to help you do that today.

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Benefits of having a USP

Before we work on finding your USP, it’s important to realize why you should have one in the first place.

Without a clearly defined USP, you are:

  • Insecure – And when you’re insecure, you start thinking about what you’re going to say next rather than listening to your potential client.
  • Hoping — Not having a USP means that you’re winging every presentation you do. “I’m going to present what I have and I hope they say yes.” Hope is not a good strategy in a competitive situation, and potential clients will pick up on your insecurity.
  • Just another agent – Consumers already view the vast majority of real estate professionals as interchangeable commodities. Don’t give them more fuel for that fire.

On the other hand, when you create your USP, you’ll have:

  • Confidence — People are naturally attracted to those with confidence, and let’s be honest, confidence is sexy. When you can state with authority why someone should work with you versus the competition, your confidence shines through, making you that much more attractive. Caution: too much confidence can be a turnoff.
  • Certainty — When you’re presenting to a potential client and you know your numbers and the difference between you and your competition, you will demonstrate certainty.
  • Knowledge — Be the hub of the market. Know all the data and all the trends. You’ve heard me say this before: Knowledge equals confidence. When you know what to say and you know your numbers, you know your value.

How to find your USP

You want to create a measurable degree of separation between yourself and your competition with your USP.

To do that, it’s important to think about what’s most important to your customers. I’d say it boils down to three things: Time, money and certainty.

When you save them time or money and deliver increased certainty, you’ve identified a killer USP.

7 Sample USPs to rip-off and duplicate

To get the juices flowing, consider these seven USPs:

  • We sell [X] times more homes than anyone else in this area.
  • We sell [X] times more properties in [specific geographic area or property type: this building, this neighborhood, this street] than anyone else.
  • We sell [X] times more [specific property type: Condos, etc.] than anyone else.
  • We sell [X] times more homes in [specific price range] than anyone else.
  • We sell our homes [X] times faster than the competition.
  • We sell our homes for [X] percent more than the competition.
  • We save our clients [X] dollars by selling in the first [X] days.

Don’t stop at those seven! Find what differentiates you and take advantage of it. The ability to clearly communicate your USP will give you a leg up and make you the natural choice in your marketplace.

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