What’s your 2019 digital business plan?

It’s the year of YOU: Take control of your brand

When was the last time you switched companies? Have you been through a recent merger or acquisition? Are you thinking about moving companies or growing a team?

How does such monumental change impact you as an agent and leader in the real estate industry today?

The fact is this; taking control of your brand and digital presence is the key to securing a career legacy.

Smart agents are focusing on “name recognition” — with amazing results. Name recognition keeps the momentum flowing in your business, no matter the distractions or challenges you may face in the future.

Your brand is YOU. And it’s time to own it.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few pointers.

Build name recognition with an amazing website

The number one tool that represents you online, 24/7, is your website. Not your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, or your Instagram profile.

Having a website sets you apart. Having a creatively designed, lead-generating site is what takes you from average to next level in your career.

Now is the time to show everyone who and what you are: an authentic, genuine, professional, and passionate lifetime real estate advisor. The sky’s the limit in style, function, and content that enhances your brand.

Remember: consumers crave relationships with real people, not brands.

Drive high-quality marketing leads directly to you, from anywhere

Social media, home search portals, and pay-per-click advertising have created more places to openly market listings at the top of the marketing funnel. As an agent, you should diversify your lead generation by taking advantage of as many of these platforms as possible.

But no matter which platforms you choose, a robust website is ultimately “the hub” that will drive qualified buyers and sellers directly to you.

It’s the conversion point from consumer to client.

A high-converting website is the key to developing a powerful lead-gen pipeline. And with that pipeline, you can grow your career without relying on any specific third-party platform.

Create a 24/7 marketing engine powered by YOU.

Beautifully market your listings and communities to attract more sellers

If social media is your only branding platform, you are not showcasing how you market homes, know your communities, and negotiate for your buyers and sellers.

Consumers demand to know more and want to see more than in the past. They need to see you are marketing and technology savvy.

So blow them away with a stunning online listings platform and expertly crafted, hyperlocal community guides. Use high-quality photos, videos, and storytelling to position yourself as the true local expert you are.

Get your own branded app

As the world moves to mobile, a branded mobile home search app is an innovative way to differentiate yourself from your competition, above and beyond your website.

Research indicates mobile apps drive client engagement and increase brand loyalty.

And what better way to stay top of mind with your clients than to have your app’s icon—with your branding—sitting permanently on their phone’s home screen?
How will you take control of your brand in 2019?

2019 is right around the corner, and it’s time for peak performance on the web.

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