Adam's Stories


Skip college. That’s right! If you know someone who is thinking about starting or running a business after college, they should just skip the university and start a real estate career. This is not advice I would have given 20 years ago.

Apr 28

I once read an article that talked about an agent who had his own real estate radio show. That sounded interesting to me. But it also raised a lot of questions such as format, length, time of day, listenership and expense — just to name a few.

Mar 25

The popular television show “Shark Tank” features entrepreneurs vying for the investment and support of a panel of investors. We have borrowed the term “Shark Tank” for our internal phone system at our brokerage.

Mar 11

Here’s a thought: “In five years, 50 percent of the transactions will be completed by an agent who is not currently licensed” … It makes you stop and think about where these new agents are going to come from … and who is going to train them.

Feb 17