Arno's Stories

Life-size models, 3-D renderings and other methods that one high-end Miami developer is using to attract ultra-high-net-worth clients: Miami agent Arno de Vos tells us about it.

Oct 13

Real estate expert Arno de Vos shares the top stories on Inman: NAR bans Zillow from its trade shows in 2016, an online brokerage offers frequent flyer miles to buyers and more.

May 26

Arno de Vos gives Inman readers top headlines — via video. Read the stories: real estate websites that cleaned up at the Webby Awards; the former Netflix COO is offering a $20,000 check to any nonprofit that brings a buyer for his home.

May 17

Here are the real estate headlines with Arno de Vos. More on the stories: The National Association of Realtors’ Q1 metro home price index showed that prices are still going up, up, up in 2016. Blockchain and bitcoin are coming for real estate. There’s even a conference happening!

May 10

Real estate industry expert and Miami Beach agent Arno de Vos recaps the most recent top headlines.

May 4