Brian's Stories

A new real estate marketing era takes off on August 29, 2016, when the Federal Aviation Administration officially implements new, more relaxed regulations for how Realtors and other marketers use drones, or remote-controlled unmanned aircraft systems. Since the new FAA rules may prompt real estate agents to consider buying a drone, here are 10 tips for before you enter the drone zone.

Aug 25

But nothing is going to get buyers closer to “I do” than getting them to fall in love. And yes, you can create a love connection. Here’s how you can help buyers fall in love.

Jul 31

With today’s competition to win real estate clients growing fiercer, agents might want to steal a page from the popular AMC TV series “Mad Men” for turning prospects into clients. How did those marketing pioneers score clients from their Madison Avenue rivals?

Jun 15

Real estate listings and their associated photographs and media are very valuable content (intellectual property). This content is so valuable that some websites have built pretty large kingdoms using other people’s content.

Mar 30