Much of your income potential is totally controlled by the activities you choose to do every day, broker Joseph Santini writes, along with your willingness to adjust to the market
Mar 13
The stability you're looking for in your brokerage, broker Joseph Santini writes, begins with proper processes, procedures and operational best practices
Feb 1
Words are very powerful, writes broker Joseph Santini, so choose them carefully. You'll enjoy the rewards of great communication and more success in your business and your life
Jan 10
According to broker Joseph Santini, buyer agreements are good for buyers and good for buyer agents. Learn more about these valuable tools and how to get them signed
Dec 14
What differentiates effective, successful agents from those who aren't seeing results? According to broker and new Inman contributor Joseph Santini, it's the willingness to lead-gen consistently
Dec 12
A solid agent will be good anywhere. However, the decision of where you hang your license can determine a lot about how you take your business to the next level — and whether you'll even make it in real estate
Aug 16
They simply take responsibility and make it happen every day in any market under any conditions
Nov 5
Being consistent with recruiting, training, retention, support and expense management will give you the steady growth and consistent bottom line that you are looking for
Oct 9
It's not just about the numbers — your presentation should also emphasize your personality, experience and marketing plan
Aug 7
If you’re thinking about becoming an agent, have a clear view of what it’s like, so you can start out on the right foot
Jul 19
Our business is not as easy as most people think. On the other hand, when you think about it, the path to success is pretty straightforward
Jun 28