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Anyone in the mortgage industry will tell you that the market has evolved significantly since 2008, but these evolutions haven’t been explained well to consumers. Frankly, the industry could learn a lot from how ‘The Big Short’ manages to explain the various financial tools used to perpetrate the crisis. That’s where mortgage brokers’ real response should be: not in being overly defensive or pushing blame elsewhere, but in using this opportunity to explain their business.

Apr 8

Too many mortgage brokers are doing one of two things wrong: they haven’t changed their email marketing plan since 2009 — or even worse, they’re using the same plan they had then: none at all.

Nov 11

Real estate brokers need to be constantly on the lookout for advantages in this competitive field. Aside from the usual techniques, there are important ways you can protect your real estate business with an employee dishonesty bond (also called a fidelity bond) and leverage this bond for an edge in marketing.

Aug 26